Covid Holiday suggestions from Omnibus Home Healthcare

A COVID-19 Holiday

This time of year, many families make holiday travel plans, but coronavirus is making many think twice about traveling this season. Now is the time to gather information about travel guidelines (click here to see the CDC guidelines for travel in your area) and begin conversations with family members about their comfort levels, individual safety needs and risk tolerances.

After all this time apart and adherence to COVID-19 guidelines, families may feel it’s safe to gather again for special dates like Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Hanukkah. This is a personal choice and you must weigh the risks. COVID-19 might restrict holiday plans this year, but families can still find many ways to maintain beloved connections and traditions while keeping everyone as safe as possible.

We do not have to skip the holidays this year, and unfortunately, there are no easy answers or clear-cut recommendations for travel and gatherings. But, there are many suggestions and considerations to ensure your 2020 holiday season is as healthy and safe as possible.

Opt for smaller gatherings. Stick with those who are in our quarantine bubble. It’s been very evident that larger family gatherings become super-spreader events. This is because people don’t wear masks or practice social distancing because, well…’s family. And, many relatives that require to travel to a family gathering add risk.

If you are attending a gathering. Really, every person attending should quarantine for the recommended 7-14 days prior to the date of the festivities. Trust and honesty are crucial here. This means to work and school from home and not leave the house except for medical care. If you must leave home, wear a mask and practice social distancing.

If you are hosting. Make sure there is good ventilation and air flow in the house. Open those windows and crank up the heat! Spend time outside or in the largest room of the house rather than confined spaces. If the weather is permitting, eat a holiday meal outside. Make hand sanitizer readily and abundantly available. And, most importantly, keep washing those hands!

If you are traveling. Traveling this year may not be a good idea if older and more vulnerable family members are involved. Traveling incurs accidental and unwarranted close contact, especially when on an airplane. If you are going to travel, consider staying at a hotel instead of with family members, wear a face mask and even eye protection on the plane. Bring hand sanitizer. And, as recommended by the CDC, quarantine 7-14 days after you arrive at your destination.

There are other options. You can always organize a family recipe swap with nearby relatives so everyone can have your Grandma’s famous mashed potatoes. Or, select a dinner time, prop up your computer and have a Zoom call where you are all at a table together! Celebrate virtually and get creative!

All of us at Omnibus Home Health Care wishes you and your loved ones a safe, healthy and happy holiday season. We provide our clients with the best in-home health care available. Our staff of highly skilled professionals offer quality care for you or a loved one. We accept many insurance plans including: traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans, Medicaid HMO and private insurances plans. We will check benefit coverage on all insurance. This is not a guarantee of acceptance of coverage for our services. Acceptance is based on eligibility, medical necessity and the requirements of our company guidelines. For more information on insurance coverage call 409.724.7000 and visit our Facebook page for the latest information from our staff.