open enrollment time

Open enrollment – Now is the time!

This is the time of year when the weather cools down, we cozy up by the fire and – review our health insurance plans! This is often marked by a thick packet of papers that take up a lot of space in your mailbox. It is also your only chance this year to review, change and “get to know” your health insurance plan. You can enroll in or change your health insurance right now. The 2021 Open Enrollment Period began Sunday, November 1, 2020 and ends Tuesday, December 15, 2020.


Reviewing your healthcare plan is extremely important and sometimes overlooked.  Having access to comprehensive, quality health care services is vital in order to maintain good health, prevent or manage disease, and reduce unnecessary disability.


Similar to an annual doctor visit, a health insurance review is a chance to think about what is working for you in your current plan and what you would like to change. You can take a look at the following:


Benefits: Which benefits did you use most? Were you covered when you needed to be? Do you have any upcoming procedures that will not be covered?


Costs: Did doctor visits cost more than you anticipated? Take a look at your monthly premiums and deductibles, were they too high?


Network: Did you visit the doctors you wanted to? Or, did you have to travel far to see a doctor in your network?


If you received a notice, it should have information about any changes to your plan in the upcoming year. Although it may look like your plan is the same, don’t skim over the fine print. There may be changes that can affect you, and nobody likes surprises when it comes to healthcare. This usually ends up affecting your pockets.


At Omnibus, we accept many insurance plans including: traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans, Medicaid HMO and private insurances plans. We will check benefit coverage on all insurance. This is not a guarantee of acceptance of coverage for our services. Acceptance is based on eligibility, medical necessity and the requirements of our company guidelines. For more information on insurance coverage call 409.724.7000 and visit our Facebook page for the latest information from our staff.


If you choose to switch health insurance plans, and to guarantee a smoother transition, contact all of your medical providers, including your dentist and eye care professionals.