Frequent Headaches? Part Two

Vision Problems Near and Far

Vision problems such as farsightedness or astigmatism (abnormally shaped cornea) can put a strain on the eye. If you find yourself squinting and straining to see, this can also contribute to frequent headaches.

As we age, we can develop presbyopia (age-related farsightedness) and can have difficulty reading small print. Even if you have had perfect vision all your life, the older you get, the less flexible the lenses in your eyes become. This also can contribute to frequent headaches and should be discussed with your doctor.

Children can be affected too

Any undiagnosed vision problem can cause frequent headaches for children too. That is why a visit to the eye doctor is necessary even if you think your child has great vision. Children with good vision and eye health tend to achieve more in school, sports, and overall quality of life.

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Medical disclaimer:

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