In-Home Activities When in Isolation

CoVid-19 has spread more than just a virus, many people are experiencing loneliness and isolation for the first time. It has been necessary to adjust our activity and social calendars in accordance with rules, regulations and what is best for our health. It is important to remember the health benefits of activity. With some creative thinking, it is still possible to feel busy and connected. Here are some safe in-home activities to enjoy when and if you find yourself in isolation.

  1. Art – crafts, drawing, painting and coloring provide therapeutic values and requires concentration. Immersing yourself into a project like this can give our minds a break from a sometimes-stressful reality.
  2. Phone Calls or Video Chats – a phone call from a friend or family member can really lift your spirits when isolated for an extended period of time.
  3. Sensory Kits – these boxes filled with everyday objects are used to assist patients living with dementia to communicate and interact. This can be a soothing activity and a great form of distraction.
  4. Seasonal Activities – with the holidays approaching, seasonal crafts, cooking and decorating provide fun and nostalgic action.
  5. In Room Plants – there are many easy to grow plants that can nurture a new or existing hobby.
  6. Armchair travel – take a “virtual trip” to a foreign country. See the sights on your bucket list from the comfort of your favorite chair!

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