indoor games for the winter

Indoor Games for the Whole Family!

When the weather gets cooler, we all tend to stay inside more often. During the winter months, it is still important to stay active for the mind and body! Here is a list of indoor games and activities that are equally good for everyone’s health and wellness.


Ping Pong or table tennis is a great indoor game that is enjoyed by both adults and children. It can be played with a partner or as singles, and helps improve hand-eye coordination. Players stay alert and sharp, challenging the mind to strategize against the opposing team. Moreover, it is easy on the joints! This game is ideal for one and all!


Foosball is also a lot of fun. It is a perfect indoor game that can bond friends and family. This game also encourages hand eye coordination while playing. It is simple to learn and does not require vigorous activity to enjoy…or win!


Table Shuffleboard, this indoor game is extremely exciting. As you slide the weights down the table to score points you perform movements that help to tone your arms and improve coordination. Even the small movements get your blood flowing.


Chess is a game for everyone too. It is great for a parent or grandparent to teach a child, and is a lifelong skill. Your brain also gets great exercise – chess exercises two parts of the brain. One to recognize the various patterns and the other to recognize various items.


Backgammon is a two-player board game that is easy to learn as long as you can roll the dice! This game helps sharpen the mind. Practicing mental skills is acquired through board games such as this – which is a workout for the mind. You have to think quickly and the fun and learning never stop! Simple board games like these can also take your mind off of any stresses and your eyes off screens.


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