indoor activities for seniors this summer

Indoor Summer Activities

Looking for a sentimental and meaningful activity to share with older friends and relatives this summer? How about creating a memoir? This is an emotionally satisfying activity and a very rewarding experience for older family members. Help them leave their legacy of valuable information for the next generation of the family.  The best part of this activity is that it can be accomplished in person or virtually. You can help by writing events in chronological order, gathering information from other friends and family members, and aid in the use of technology.

Where to begin?

Simply start by asking about siblings, immediate family members, and early or fond memories. This can open up the memory flood gates! Don’t forget to include topics such as:

  • Background and ethnicity
  • Family traditions
  • Pets
  • Engagements, marriages, proposals
  • Work history
  • Travels
  • Military services
  • Historic events that were witnessed or endured
  • Other interests and hobbies


Photos and newspaper clippings!

You can help trigger some memories by sorting through old photographs. Your loved one can help identify people, names, and dates.

This project can be emotionally rewarding and help those who suffer from memory loss. It can be hung or placed where a loved one can view it daily and help retain memories. Plus, taking a part in this project is a great way to learn about your family history.

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