Staying Active this Winter

Staying Active this Winter

We spent the summer and fall figuring out ways to stay active even as we’ve been protecting ourselves against COVID-19. During the winter months, getting enough exercise might be even more challenging in the cold and, in some parts of the country, the snow. Some of the everyday indoor activities like gyms, pools and senior centers, are closed or not suggested to use throughout this pandemic. In the meantime, winter is here and Omnibus Home Health Care has some suggestions to keep you active this winter.

Walking: You can still walk in colder weather! It’s a great exercise! Just remember to dress warm with layers. Layers are an easy way to add clothing if you are too cold or take off if you get too warm. Also, pick your shoes wisely. Make sure they are well-fitted comfortable and waterproof with good traction. And don’t forget warm socks to keep your feet dry and toasty. Take it slow and watch where you step. Ice and snow can put you at risk for a fall. You may want to use other suggestions listed below on these days.

Try exercise and stretches at home: Going to the gym or an indoor pool is hard these days. There are plenty of activities and exercises than can be done in your own home! Try yoga! A great way to improve flexibility and balance. It also keeps you moving! Light weights and other calisthenics like sit ups and squats are also great ways to improve coordination and strength.

Look into home equipment: In-home exercise equipment can be a great investment. Even a pair of lightweight dumbbells can improve muscle and burn fat in your arms, chest and back. Low impact machines such as ellipticals or stationary bikes will improve your cardiovascular health and are not as hard on the knees.

Don’t let the cold stop you from exercise! It may require more time, imagination and effort, but it will keep you moving and healthy! Please consult your physician before starting any new exercise routing or regimen.

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