Fall into Healthy Habits this Season

Getting and staying healthy does not require rigorous workouts or a strict diet! A few simple changes and forming healthy habits are great ways to maintain your health. Omnibus Home Health Care would like to share these healthy habits you can easily fall into this season.


  1. Eat breakfast. There are many reasons why breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. It ignites your metabolism and can curb your appetite. And, allows for more energy and better focus for kids and adults throughout the day. You don’t need to have a full plated meal; a piece of fruit is sufficient if you are not especially hungry in the morning. Just don’t skip breakfast.
  2. Drink water.  Staying hydrated keeps your energy levels high, heart healthy and helps maintain body weight so you are not eating when you are really just thirsty. Get yourself a water bottle that you can refill, or, make it interesting and add fresh fruit for some additional taste.
  3. Choose fruit. Replacing junk food with a sweet and refreshing piece of fruit is a great way to adopt a healthier habit. You can also blend it up in a smoothie and add some greens to get your daily dose of essential nutrients.
  4. Sleep. Getting between 6-8 hours of sleep (and sometimes more) a day prevents us from being tired and cranky. If you have trouble getting to sleep, avoid caffeine – especially in the late afternoon, or try to establish a bedtime routine like showering, refraining from screens, or listening to soft music before bed. This allows your body to recognize it is time to go to bed and start winding down for a more relaxing and fulfilling night’s rest.
  5. Move. You don’t have to join a gym or high intensity aerobics class to get your blood flowing. There are so many options out there to get moving, even a 30 minute walk a day has tremendous health benefits for the entire body!

Healthy habits are vital to a healthy lifestyle. Incorporating them into our daily lives will make a healthy choice seem effortless. Omnibus Home Health Care provides our clients with the best in-home health care available. Our staff of highly skilled professionals offer quality care for you or a loved one. We accept many insurance plans including: traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans, Medicaid HMO and private insurances plans. We will check benefit coverage on all insurance. This is not a guarantee of acceptance of coverage for our services. Acceptance is based on eligibility, medical necessity and the requirements of our company guidelines. For more information on insurance coverage call 409.724.7000 and visit our Facebook page for the latest information from our staff.