New Years health resolutions you can actually keep

New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

A new year is a fresh start for many people. Setting health goals is a great way to keep our minds and body healthy for 2023! Don’t make the same restrictive and unsustainable health goals that end up broken within a couple of weeks! Make new resolutions you can keep and follow for a healthier life!

  1. Sit less and move more – Whether it’s due to an office job sitting in front of a computer all day, sitting for long periods can negatively affect your health. If you are sitting at a desk or find yourself sedentary for most of the day, set the alarm and go for a 10 – 15 minutes’ walk a couple of times per day. Or, start small with 5 minutes every couple of hours. You will enjoy the break and the movement.
  2. Cut back on sweet drinks and sodas – Sugary drinks are linked to obesity, fatty liver, heart disease, diabetes, and cavities. You can begin by gradually limiting the amount of intake to get you to kick that bad sugary drink habit.
  3. Sleep better – Sleep is essential to overall health, and sleep deprivation can lead to serious health problems. Too little sleep can increase your risk of weight gain, heart disease, and depression. Focus on developing a sleep schedule, eating right, and sleeping comfortably to improve your sleep quality and quantity.
  4. Self-care – Taking more “me time” is not selfish; it’s essential for your health and well-being. For people with busy schedules, self-care is often brushed to the side. But, this does not have to be time-consuming. Something as simple as a 30-minute bath a week, a yoga class, or preparing healthy food for yourself is all self-care. Just take some time for yourself – and you will feel great!
  5. Less screen time – We have become more dependent on our computers and phones, which are a big part of our daily lives. But, too much time on electronic devices has been associated with depression, anxiety, and loneliness. Try to cut back on time spent scrolling through social media, watching videos, or playing computer games on your electronic devices. You will notice a happier, healthier you!

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