Prepare for fall!

Prepare for the Fall!

Happy Fall! Preparing for the fall season involves combining practical and enjoyable steps to ensure a smooth transition as the weather changes. Take the seasonal switch as a time for positive change and new beginnings.

You can start by transitioning your wardrobe! Pulling out those comfy sweaters, jackets, scarves, and boots is fun. Make sure they are still in good condition, and fit well – and some shopping may be necessary to replace older or damaged items. Try on those boots again and ensure they are in good shape for crisp evening strolls. It is also a good time to store away your summer clothes you won’t need during the cooler months.

Have a professional inspect and clean your heating system, such as your furnace or fireplace, to ensure they are in proper and safe working condition. Check and seal any drafts in windows and doors to keep your home warm, cozy, and energy efficient.

Preparing your garden by planting cold-weather crops and removing dead plants is a fun activity. Rake leaves and clean up your yard to prevent overgrowth and potentially damaging your lawn.

Who doesn’t like to decorate? Embrace the fall spirit by decorating your home with autumn-themed décor like pumpkins, wreaths, and warm color schemes.

Deep clean your home before you start spending more time indoors. Dust, vacuum, organize, and repeat! Consider washing or changing the cover on your blankets and pillows to remove those spring and summer allergens that tend to stick around.

Fall is a drastic change in weather that can also lower your immune system. For extra precaution, consider getting a flu shot. Talk to your doctor to see what is right for you.

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