why speech therapy is important for adults

Speech Therapy Services; why they are important

There are many reasons why people have, develop, or are born with a speech or language problem. Some problems begin in childhood. This is the age when speech therapy is most common because children can have difficulty producing some sounds correctly, or need to correct a stutter.

This can also happen in adulthood; most of the time after an illness or injury. Omnibus Home Health Care will provide our patients with speech-language pathologists, or SLPs, that can help from the comforts of home. Not only is language a crucial skill, but it’s also our strongest form of communication. Many of our patients have greatly benefited from the help of a speech-language pathologist (SLP). Here are a few benefits of services from an SLP:


Can help after an illness or trauma

  • A language disorder can occur suddenly after a stroke, head injury and even develop slowly from a brain tumor or disease. Speech-language pathologists use a variety of techniques to improve communication after an illness or injury. Speechlanguage therapy can give people the right tools and exercises to improve memory and speech after an accident, brain injury, or stroke.

Improve swallowing and oral health

  • Many people don’t realize this, but having a poor oral posture can impact your health as much as your speaking, leading to problems such as bites and sores inside your mouth and not swallowing food properly. By working with a speech therapist, you can improve your motor skills and enjoy your meals without the risk of choking or hurting your mouth and stomach with unchewed food.

Gives you more confidence in social situations

  • Are you finding yourself not participating in conversation or feeling left out at social gatherings? Do you notice yourself quieter than you used to be? Meeting with a speech therapist can help you speak with confidence.

Helps you manage and decrease a stutter

  • Stutters are complex speech disorders that affect many people, and the sad part is scientists and psychiatrists have no idea how or why they are caused. However, speech therapists have spent decades coming up with techniques and strategies to help people take conscious control of their stutters and either lower them to a manageable level or get rid of them entirely.

Eliminate or clarify an accent

  • Having a speech impediment or a stutter isn’t the only way to feel left out of social gatherings, as some people who have just moved to a new area can feel singled out because of their accent or dialect. If you’re feeling self-conscious after a move, a speech therapist can help by either helping you enunciate your words clearer or help you adopt the local way of speaking.


Recovering language skills can be a slow process. With patience and persistence, however, most people will make significant progress with the help of an Omnibus Home Health Care provided SLP. It is important to seek treatment for a language disorder, because, if left untreated, communication barriers can lead to a lack of self-confidence, relationship problems, and depression.

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