start your day with a morning stretch

Start your day with a morning stretch!

Fitness is not just about running and weight lifting. It is about flexibility too. Flexibility is important to perform everyday tasks safely. If muscles are stiff, tasks are more difficult to accomplish and can put you at greater risk of injury.

Get that blood flowing

Stretching in the morning can be a great way to start your day. You can relieve any tension and discomfort from sleeping the night before. A morning stretch increases blood flow and encourages the body to perform better in everyday activities. It will also take away any stiffness after sleeping for a long period of time. Movement stimulates the brain allowing for better concentration and increased blood flow to your muscles helps prepare you for the day ahead.

Help your lower back and improve posture

If you find yourself in a standing position or sedentary for most of the day, your back muscles can become overstretched causing lower back pain. By stretching your lower back in the morning, you will relieve any tension, pain and pressure. Also, this can improve posture. Stretches that loosen up your chest and back muscles will help make your posture more flexible and stronger. Beginning the day with a few simple stretches, you can get ahead of any lower back pain and improve your posture.

Start simple

Stretching can be as simple as shoulder shrugs and neck rolls. You can stretch in a chair or use support blocks that can be purchased at any sporting goods store. It may be fun to sign up for beginner Pilates and yoga classes. These classes are designed to improve flexibility, lengthen and strengthen muscles.  Classes can help you learn how to properly stretch and avoid any risk of injury.


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*Before beginning any exercise program, including stretching, check with your doctor to ensure your safety. Do not continue a stretch exercise if it causes pain.