Your Future Health

Unfortunately, we are not getting any younger.  And we have to make a lot of decisions that apply to our future. Decisions about accepting a new job or taking a new career path, where to live or who to live with, and as we get older, the number of decisions we make increase. But, many don’t think about decisions that involve our future healthy self.

We can now use an app to see what we could look like in our later years, but we do not know how we are going to feel. That is why being kind to your body now will help your future self. If we all maintain good health and well-being in our early stages of life, we will be able to stay independent continue to do things we enjoy for years to come.

Fortunately, today we have lots of information about staying in good health. And at times it can be challenging (saying no to chocolate cake). But there are many decisions we can make now to ensure long-term positive health in our future. That’s why it is important to:


Take care of your overall health.  When we’re healthy and young, regular health care appointments might not be a priority. But preventative health can avoid future problems from arising.

Stay active.  Exercising and regular activity when we are young is considered a head start in preventing disease and overall weakness as we get older. Being active throughout every stage of life keeps you strong. So, find activities that you enjoy and make time for them.

Think safety. Think before you act. It just takes one accident to inhibit your future. To name just a few, always wear your seatbelt, proper safety attire such as eye protection, life vests when on the water, lighted vests for nighttime walks and bike rides, bike helmets, and practice sports safety.

Brain health. Believe it – your brain needs exercise and you can give it a workout! Our brains develop when we’re young. So, like any muscle group, it needs a good workout to maintain its’ health. And these workouts can be fun—like studying a musical instrument and learning a new language. It’s also important to know that the brain needs lots of rest which translates to a good amount of sleep. Several studies show that over time, getting fewer than six hours of sleep per night raises the risk of Alzheimer’s by 30%.

Make financial decisions for your future. Sometimes it’s hard for younger people to save money, but even a small savings plan is beneficial over time. If your employer offers a retirement savings plan, take advantage of it. And, most likely your bank offers independent financial advisors to help in your future financial planning.

Aging is cool.  The term “anti-aging” needs to be retired. We all grow older and, and must take care of ourselves to enjoy life to its fullest – at any age!


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