Aging is an Art

Aging, the process of getting older. It’s a constant reminder that time has passed. Even though people of different cultures may age at different rates and some more graceful than others, it is inevitable to all of us. But don’t forget, we all can improve with age like a fine wine or an elegant piece of artwork. It can be challenging at times to stay healthy and well but if we take the proper measures, we can all make our health a priority.

Aging gracefully is not just about trying to look like we did in our 20’s. It’s about living your best life physically and mentally while enjoying it too! We can all get better with age with these tips from Omnibus Home Healthcare.

1. Take care of your skin
Remember, skin is your body’s largest organ. Skin protects our body’s from the elements, regulates body temperature and is one of your six senses! Treat it with care! Wear sunscreen and protective clothing, get annual skin cancer screenings, use gentle products that will not bother or irritate your skin, and stay hydrated!

2. Exercise
Routine exercise lowers your risks of diseases and helps retain your flexibility and mobility. It also improves sleep, bone health, mood and skin health. Some examples of exercise include: walking, swimming, dancing and cycling. Older adults should also focus on activities that involve balance and muscle strengthening. There are many studies that link depression and chronic illness with a sedentary lifestyle.

3. Eat well
Staying away from processed foods, sugars and maintaining a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is the key to aging gracefully. It is recommended to eat lean proteins, whole-grains, and healthy fats. Avoid over salting foods and cooking with solid fats. There are a variety of healthy oils to choose from.

4. Mental Health
Keep your mood elevated by spending time with friends, relatives and your furry friends! This will reduce loneliness. Engaging with those we love has been linked to lower stress and blood pressure. Take time to participate in activities you love!

5. Sleep well
Proper sleep plays a role in both physical and metal health. Getting enough sleep is linked to lower risk of heart disease and stroke, reduced stress and depression, lower risk of obesity, reduced inflammation and improves focus.

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