Keeping a Strong Immune System

Keeping a Strong Immune System throughout the Pandemic

Now, we are all experts when it comes to social distancing. Our hands have been washed and sanitized to the point of disintegration. And by now, you probably can’t remember the last time you touched your face. But what about keeping yourself strong and healthy from the inside? It’s good to begin with your immune system.

Even though our immune system develops when we are young, we can still give it a boost to protect us as adults. Begin by creating good daily habits like exercise, sleep, healthy eating and reducing stress.

Although, as of the latest worldly circumstances, reducing stress may be a hard task to master. Yet, when we are stressed, the immune system’s ability to fight off antigens is reduced. Antigens are substances on the surface of cells that cause your immune system to respond. Our immune system tries to destroy substances that contain antigens. So, take time in your day to find a way to reduce stress such as: meditation, yoga, reading, crafts and even exercise!

Sleep well
Sleeping well lets the body rejuvenate and fight off infection. Your body recharges itself at night by sleeping. Adults require at least seven to eight hours of sleep every night. Sleep deprivation suppresses immune system function. Daily, 30-minute naps have shown to boost production of white blood cells that help our immune system tackle infections.

30-60 minutes of low to moderate exercise a day will help your immune system function at its best. Just like a healthy diet, exercise contributes to a healthy immune system and keeps your bones healthy and strong. And remember, exercise is good for you but do not overdo it. That can do more harm than good.

A healthy diet
Including a wide variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet provides the necessary vitamins and minerals to support a healthy immune system. Supplements can be helpful but should not be relied upon. We must eat well to be well.

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